[Discussion] Liquidity pools to be added KP3R credit bonds

As per https://docs.keep3r.network/jobs#add-credit-to-a-job-via-liquidity liquidity pools have to be allowed as collateral to provide credit for jobs.

There are currently 2 proposed pools;

KP3R-ETH https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x87febfb3ac5791034fd5ef1a615e9d9627c2665d
KP3R-CREAM https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xe65c2c8a268ebec6e1f8f6c70a20378487ab075b

Please use this thread to discuss the additional of any other pools


when MetaKpEr opening trade?

One thing I couldn’t quite work out from the KP3R economics document was whether liquidity pools were incentivised with KP3R rewards?

They are not, liquidity pools create job credit, can read more here

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i am still comfused about the lp pools and credits, project can get credit by providing lp , means it can mint new $kp3r token? how much $kp3r token can be minted by the lp?

Here is the technical implementation. You get credit in KP3R equal to the amount of KP3R you are providing in an LP pair. So if you provide 1 LP token of KP3R-ETH and it has 10:10 ratio, you get 10 KP3R credit for your job.

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that means if half of $kp3r 100k is applied in liquidity , we will mint 100k new $kp3r as credit for job, that means infinity $kp3r will be minted in the future, is that right?

There is no cap on minting, if that is what you are asking.

the piece that I dont understand is what is the “intrasec” value of the token if you can mint it? In other word if you do a job, would it be worth to get paid in KP3 or should be assume that it is better to get paid in ETH as KP3 dont have “value”? Why would someone prefer to get paid in KP3 vs eth ?

That’s up to the job to implement, not the keeper. You can read more about the payment choices and the pros and cons here

This means that the more jobs, the circulation of kp3r will be, the more and there is no upper limit, is it?

when project provide liquidity they can mint new $kp3r, so it will be a hyper inflationary token? if that is so, how people would like to accept $kp3r as a payment cause the price will go downward in the long-term. is it any burning mechanism to make the price stable to make it more acceptable by keepers?

There are now 200061 KP3R tokens, 61 more compared to the start of KP3R.
If unlimited minting of KP3R could happen why are there not more KP3R tokens added until now?

Isn’t done in practice because reward is paid in ETH or some other provided token?

Can everyone who gives credit into liquidity pools mint extra KP3R tokens or just the governance, read Yearn Deployer at this point?

Confusing and unlcear now?
Will the supply of KP3R be limited to the supply now ?

Extra remark: As of the inflation rate of KP3R is called hyperinflative
The hyperinflation until now is 61/200000 = 0.0305%
Inflation rate US in 2020 is 0.8% (corrected for Covid19, it is about 1.4%)

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Supply is infinite. If you supply liquidity to a job, the job can mint KP3R, more details here

As this topic has derailed, closing it for now.

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