Adjust credits from providing LP

We can get an amount of credits equal to the amount of K3PR tokens in the liquidity we provide. It means anyone can easily double KP3R they hold every 16 days (2 days for adding liquidity,14 days for removing). Those credits are almost free KP3R. It seems that job provider can mint endless KP3R via removing and adding liquidity.

more token supply -> price dump-> keeper gets more KP3R per work -> job needs more credits -> mint more free KP3R for jobs without any cost -> more token supply

We should decrease the rate of getting credits to prevent too much free KP3R minted. I think 1/50 may be better than 1:1

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Since this is clearly focused around price, I am closing this thread. Token supply is not active supply, and job liquidity does not give liquidity providers credit, but keepers credit.

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