Supply - how is the inflation handled?

from my understanding, Keep3rV1 has no predetermined token supply, and the project did not undergo an initial coin offering or token generation event. Rather, KP3R is minted when liquidity is provided to the platform via Uniswap.

so, we have no cap … what are we looking at here? we’re just doing a good thing for humanity and not bother with the inflation, devaluation?

bottom line is, how is the unlimited supply addressed in the ecosystem?

Supply has to increase for liquidity to be available for job providers. And supply has to increase for keepers to be recomped. Unlimited supply is a feature, not something to be “addressed”.

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sounds good, i didn’t think of it that way. thanks for the clarification.

So the supply is infinite The incentive to keep KP3R tokens is not stimulated by that inflationary design, understandably you need KP3R tokens for the rewards, but it’s a sell directly incentive when rewarded for jobs.

As I understand from your work and new proposals, the next goal is to reward keepers with more bonded KP3R better than those with none or less with a certain maximum reward.

Above those “Bonds” categories the incentive is equal and maximised. This is a deflationary design pattern which benefits whale holders, is this correct?

The surplus rewards above the highest threshold are in that way a selling incentive, there is no need anymore to hold them, so a deflationary design with inflationary characteristics.

The question will be which behaviour will prevail in building value into KP3R next to the very useful use case?

What’s your opinion?

Why does value need to be built into KP3R? Its a work token, and the rewards are pegged to gas. KP3R’s financial value are completely irrelevant to the ecosystem.

It needs to fulfill 2 functions;

  1. Act as a security for keepers
  2. Act as compensation for jobs completed

It accomplishes both of those.

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Thanks for your answer.

Value does not have to be created on purpose!

It automatically will gain value by the use and participation in it. Because people will value the use and functions of Keep3r network.

This will get translated in the value of KP3R tokens as they will be the governors in the end (if wanted by community, this is how I understand your idea) of that wanted or unwanted value of KP3R & Keep3r.

So, not withstanding value is highly speculative for some in the crypto area, it will get value in the end

But with keepers selling off after each project won’t their be constant massive inflation on the price of keep3r token which will make it less appealing to keep3rs but I think the required bonded keep3r for jobs will keeps increasing along with it to curtail the inflation

Keeper rewards are pegged to gas. KP3R price is irrelevant. Closing this thread.

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