[Discussion] Treasury allocation

As per https://zapper.fi/dashboard?address=0xf7aa325404f81cf34268657ddf2d046763a8c4ed

In the short term there are three key areas to expand;

  • Additional Keep3rs
  • Additional Jobs
  • Governance participation

As such, I wish to initiate a discussion with regards to;

  • Keep3r incentives (over and above the current credit rewards) to include full ETH reimbursements from ETH treasury.
  • Bounties for Job inclusion, $10k each approved Job.
  • Governance participation, 25% of daily fees (~$500k since launch)

If the above is executed it would leave roughly ~4,533 tokens, which can be used as further rewards for governance participation, or burned.


So I got two question:

  1. Keepers that work on a job will get full ETH reimbursements from ETH treasury + the KP3R reward for their spend gas?

  2. “Treasury is paid 0.3% fees of any non KP3R transaction (direct ETH or token payments).” what does this mean, what is this type of transaction that is identify here?

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What exactly is a bounty for job inclusion?

Does this mean any job that is implemented and voted to be included in the system via Governance would get a $10,000 bounty? That seems reasonable as long as that is seed funding credit that is used to pay for jobs and it is not just $10,000 sent directly to the team who wants the add the job.

Keep3r incentives are reasonable. ETH needs to be reimbursed, else no one will want to run a Keep3r.

I’d like to hear more about how Governance participation awards would be dispursed.