[Resource] Created a statistics tool to help track your Keep3r earnings & transaction fees

Saw there was quite a demand for a statistical and tracking tool so went ahead and built something.

Feel free to use it or share it via twitter/etc with other keep3rs/job providers and you can tag me if you wish to.

link is : https://keep3r.live

you can check your personal stats at


for jobs



This is very very nice! Love it!

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This is amazing! Thank you! <3

that is a great job! thank u!

very helpful and amazing!Thank you

Great tool. Thank you.

@andre.cronje This (and probably next versions hopefully) fulfills my initial idea of a dashboard with data on keep3r network. I suggest zashton gets the bounty? Thxs

@zashton can we get besides total results also some kind of a historic view including sorting possibility (min max and perhaps average)? Thank you for this fine work

Hey @Fred , thanks man. i already received a kind donation from @andre.cronje.

Are you referring to having another graph within the keeper’s page showing a daily min max earnings per work ?

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yes please, if possible
Great job here

can this be used to track xsushi gains for staking KP3R?

@zashton hey mate, just want to ask you and let you know, since liquidity has been moved to sushi, may you can change the underlying link behind the “trade” button from uniswap to sushiswap?
Ps: great work! Thumbs up for this.

Hi All

It would be remiss of me to not firstly say that the insight into what’s going on in the keep3r project afforded by https://keep3r.live/ is enlightening, so a huge thanks to @zashton for putting this together.

I’ve a question regarding the tabulated data, and the charted data (e.g. below). The hover-over value presented on the bar chart for any given day is greater than the sum of the corresponding Earned($) values in the table. Is this simply a reporting issue or am I missing something? Which value is accurate?



The chart is actually adding up kp3r tokens and using current live price to calculate earnings,
the records at the bottom was suppose to be reflective of etherscan, showing the earned value at that particular time, the price of the token at the particular time is to the left of the highlighted cell.


Many thanks for the clarification, it’s greatly appreciated.