Working not profitable after helper update

First post here after following since day 1 and worked some jobs already, very nice project!

Seems like the latest helper update (~9 hours ago) changed the game again and now the keepers are paying more value in gas than the received reward in KP3R. Looking at the UniswapV2SlidingOracle job but also the CrvStrategyKeep3r.

Not sure what is the cause of it, and if that will change automatically in time?

Also noticed sometimes the FastGas oracle could be a bit behind on the current situation at time of working the job, when gasprice is volatile, am I correct?

Your analysis is 100% accurate. The two metrics we need to fine tune now are FASTGAS variance and KP3R price quote variance. Right now it looks to be around ~10% on each, but will monitor a bit longer and then adjust.

We are closer to the sweet spot though, yesterday was too profitable, today is not enough, a bit more fine tuning and we’ll have it :smiley:


Appreciate the hard work, Andre.

The KP3R variance with ETH makes sense as ETH continues to go up. The rolling average will always be behind if ETH/KP3R goes up.

Working not profitable after helper update - Projects / Keep3r -

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Any update on the adjustments? Payout continues to be unfavorable.