Tools for Strategists Yfi CyberFi partnership

Give more useful tools to strategists, will benefit the space.
The project also started making some significant partnerships and attracting investors. For example, it reached its first long-term integration with another new and successful project, TrustSwap, whose CEO, Jeff Kirdeikis, joined the project as an advisor. Another new advisor who joined recently was Austin Merricks, who co-founded the XIO Network.
CyberFi got its first venture capital strategic investor — Magnus Capital. It also started collaborating with Unilend, which also led to integration.
As @ejbaraza wrote

More of a symbiotic partnership. Not a traditional acquisition of talent and assets.

That’s the spirit.

If you’re really excited about a project collaborating with Yearn, it would be best to discuss it with anyone who works on that project and get them to reach out directly, or at least have a more detailed proposal as to what a potential collaboration might look like.

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