Improve YFI's Marketing is currently one of the most important defi protocols in crypto, however in order to keep growing and not end up being eclipsed by centralized players or other protocols, Yearn Finance should step up their marketing game and start implementing additional tactics to their current marketing plan.

Yearn has incredible brand value for the current people in the crypto space, but with more people joining decentralized finance everyday some changes should be done in order to become easier to understand, use and be found for new crypto users.

Marketing Proposals

  • Improve overall Search Engine Optimization by modifying the current site structure and content structure on the website as well as doing specific technical modifications. Target page-specific keywords and create new content for each page.
  • Integrate analytics to better understand how users are interacting with the website.
  • Implement A/B tests: to increase click through rates to vaults and conversion rates on vaults.
  • Start paid acquisition campaigns in search engines, social media and content ads with the objective of getting new users to stake in the platform.
  • Create a crypto knowledge base: to further establish Yearn’s brand for newcomers in the space and get a new entry point in search engines. Trying to educate them about Yearn at the same time and converting them into stakers. Move the how-to guides and glossary currently in docs here.
  • Move Medium into a blog inside yearn’s domain name to be able to better use it for content marketing and create a newsletter to get the latest blog posts thus having better control of suscribers to be able to use it for further email marketing.

I can further expand with detailed explanations on each of the previously mentioned changes and help implement any/all of the previous ideas if needed. Let me know if I can be of any help.




Nice improvements , the brand marketing is on right track.
Thanks you


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