Staked YFI vs. Sudden Jump In YFI Price

If I have used YFI to stake the YCRV / YFI Balancer pool … my staked YFI is counted in DOLLARS AT MOMENT OF STAKING, correct?

And if so: Let’s say I stake 1 YFI when it’s worth $3K. In a month, when YFI is worth $6K, I decide to unstake: I only get .5 YFI back, correct?

So if I have ‘staked YFI’ I miss out on any upward price action. Yes?

No, I don’t think so.

Check out

You will find your staked YFI at the bottom.

If you stake YFI in YCRV 98 / YFI 2 Balancer pool using single asset deposit, it means you are selling your 98% of your YFI at the time of your deposit. You can calculate impermanent loss with this formula

If YFI price goes up 2x
2 ^ 0.02 = 1.01395947979
your staked BPT will be worth 1.4% more.

Same with YFI price goes down 2x
0.5 ^ 0.02 = 0.98623270449
BPT will be worth 1.4% less


Thank you Weeb. Very much appreciated.

So I was basically right – the YFi is sold at deposit time – but just not 100% of it. 2% remains, and thus that 2% rises or falls with YFi.