Publish a public timeline for YIP 65

[Proposal] Publish a public timeline for the development and release of xYFI and veYFI as outlined in YIP 65.

Yearn is an awesome, inspirational DeFi community. I am certain that in the future it will be studied as one of the guiding examples of DAO structure and operation. One area which I believe needs improvement is in communicating to the token holder community and markets. Markets love certainty almost more than anything else, and also apply a discount for uncertainty. Although “Wen” is a meme, having a group that can work with the devs and create a publicly shareable timeline for product development as well as help shed light on any hiccups or new ideas. This can be added as a section to the Yearn Finance Newsletter


Clarify expected timelines and current status of building the approved tokenomics changes to YFI as outlined in YIP 65.


Many of us aren’t here for the money, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t rooting for YFI token prices to appreciate. Furthermore, more liquid markets for YFI and higher YFI prices will continue to help attract the best talent to the project.

For: Yes, we should publish a public timeline for the expected releases of the different stages of YFI tokenomics changes as outlined in YIP-65, with regular updates and adjustments to development timelines in the Yearn Finance Newsletter

Against: No, we don’t need timelines. Year will release information when it feels ready to do so.



Agree with this proposal. I believe a project of the scale and caliber of Yearn should have what is effectively an investor relations position that keeps expectations, development, and communication aligned.


Well put, I agree with this. One of the major problems I saw in lots of protocols is the absence of a proper timeline and persistent updates. When you promise something in the first place you attract people, but the downside is without regular updates and timelines that were mentioned here you lose these people and harm the project even more.

Yearn is a great project, but the absence of the above-mentioned things & now Andre quitted (even though it’s unimportant to the project, it affects the sentiment); we need some solid stuff like status updates & timelines.


Timelines are difficult to meet and can hinder progress if rushed. That said, Defi is everywhere, and the Godfather has left Crypto. The time is ripe for Yearn to expand and inject new mechanisms to achive value for their token holders. Can you imagine if we had a vault called NFT’'s and 20 Eth were placed in it and we bought 1 Bored Ape and one Crypto Punk at the beginning of their rise. As a collective, yearn has the strength to add value to projects. We need a little more ingenuity to keep Yearn relevant and a leader in Crypto investments.

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