Allow for CHI to be used with yearn

hey guys i am just noob here but i am passionate about this platform. Is it possible for us to create a YIP to allow for CHI to be used with yearn to cut down on gas fees ? i know that it can currently be used on both 1inch and curve but really have no idea if this is even possible. high gas prices have been keeping me from being able to move smaller amounts around on the platform and allowing for CHI would be super helpful imo.


Yes its possible and I think we should do it.

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i am more than happy to propose it if i can just get a little guidance. i want to participate and be involved here i am just very new to it. for some reason i am not allowed to post a proposal

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Yoh should be able to, both here and on chain. Mostly you can copy the format of other proposals.

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This is a great idea, saving on gas translates into more gains for farmers :grin:

Maybe the contracts can automatically mint CHI tokens when the gas price is below a certain value and start using them when the gas price is high. This would automate the whole process and everyone making a tx to the system would benefit.

You can use the yips here as a template. Just make the vote
For: Integrate Chi gas token into yearn contracts as an option
Against: No change.
Dm @milkyklim on telegram or discord and he can help you draft the proposal.
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what i am saying is i am not allowed to draft a new proposal. when i hover over “new topic” in proposals it gives me red circle with a line through it. like i am not allowed

Moving discussion: Proposal to allow yearn to use CHI gas token.

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