[Proposal] create new Youtube account for newbie


Create a new Yearn Youtube channel for newbie and expand marketing channels.

Lately, Youtube is used by a 1/3 Internet population and has greater marketing potential than Twitter. ( Youtube users : more than 2 billion / Twitter users : 0.3 billion )
Moreover, easy-to-understand illustrated videos explaining how to use and strategies are helpful for educating the DeFi community.

I would like to propose to create a Youtube account and manage it to increase the Yearn community.


make videos and upload on Youtube

・How to use Yearn videos
like Today’s DeFi @ cripu

・Educational videos about DeFi and Yearn
(new vaults, new strategies, new partnerships, new integration)
like What are YEARN VAULTS @ Finematics Youtube account

・Interview videos with Yearn and ecosystem developers
like FTX Podcast @ FTX


I have made and shared DeFi educational videos on Twitter.
( my videos moment : https://twitter.com/i/events/1414156457604378627 )
( twitter follower : 16.3K / impression : 6.3M @ July 2021 / Profile Visit : 235K )

I received a lot of feedback from my followers and realized what users need is a credible educational video provided by team ( it means not Individual )

So please help me.
I have a time / ability to make Video / English / Japanese and am eager.
But I don’t have knowledge.
I want to create the account with everyone involved in Yearn.


I want to spread more about how wonderful Yearn is to the world.


・Expansion of market channels.
・More ways to introduce new features.
・Increasing the Twitter account followers by using video content.
・Can ask a Japanese painter to illustrate it.
・A real Japanese girl does the voice for the video.


・Video creators need to be educated to create the right videos.


cat totally support !

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Thank u so much CL-san!!

I think there’s already a fair amount of long form tutorials for yearn, so was excited about your twitter tutorials because they were under 1m and could easily embed them into documentation and whatnot. Plus it looked really good. Would be cool to do a series of those.

Also know that people are interested in doing a Yearn podcast. Would potentially need a host / moderator for something like that. Would be best if that person came up with topics and managed the audio mixing / editing.

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i see its really true
thank you so much!
im going to make twitter size video more!

and i really want to hear Yearn Podcast too!
but now, my speaking english skill is not enough.
so if someone do it, i would like to post the podcast on new Youtube account!

It would have been helpful for me to have official yearn videos when I was just learning defi from the basics, learning the functions from non affiliated information sources is “hard to trust” and was a bit off putting. I think basic level education and explanation of key unique concepts related to some of the more complicated vaults would be very helpful, on the level of being able to explain yearn to someone who has very little defi experience if any. I support.

Thank you so much for your support chortly-san!
i am happy to hear your thinking.
I’m having so much fun with the new Yearn app, and want to try more new things.
but I don’t know what I don’t know …
so I really need a “can trust simple video” showing what I can do .
and when I have an experience,
I would like to memorize the experience as a video and give a guide to future beginners who will be going through the same thing I am.

I can recommend her to make tutorial movies.
Because she made more than 10 kinds of tutorial movies for Sushi, and it was well received by the community.
She is a famous influencer in Japanese crypto market. And her voice is totally match with Yearn community which likes Japanese Waifu. Don’t miss to listen it.

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Thank you so much Da-san !!!

Hey Cripu,

I’d be willing to help you. I’ve done a few Yearn videos / reddit articles, currently working on a Yearn Newsletter.

Happy to give it a go co-hosting videos with you if you like

Where do I find these videos?


I think creating Yearn videos and tutorials would be awesome!

I’d be interested to see tutorial videos like how you are proposing, hosting on Youtube wasn’t my first idea of the final state for this type of video and educational content. My potential concerns with Youtube are (curious to see how we can meet these concerns):

  • [Decentralization/Backup Access] it puts control in a single party and doesn’t play nice with decentralization (unless we can create an email account at @yearn.finance and maintain a secondary source of community backed account access. I’d hate to see a official Youtube channel get abandoned because only one person had access and something horrible happens, like you get hit by a bus.
  • Censorship - a number of folks run into censorship issues with FAANG centralized services. If a broad platform is established and then censored (regulators don’t like the “create your own high yield bank account” video) it would be frustrating.
  • I think it would be more inline with the ethos of Yearn to host these videos in a decentralized way and model/dog-food open community content development. I’m aware this is more work to setup than a quick and scrappy Youtube channel that publishes content tomorrow, but I think it would scale better and continue the ideas of the Yearn Manifesto.
  • I can imagine maybe a subdomain setup by the devs with a hosted content creation platform (or a simple Wordpress or other site that can give granular access to folks to create, embed, share tutorials and “official” guides that are accurate, specific about versions and updated/removed when new releases go out.

And also, am I suggesting lots of bureaucracy? Maybe this is a horrible idea and Youtube is great?

Also, just seeing this - https://thebluepill.eth.link/ maybe some of the folks who helped create that can chime in with perspective.

I tried to use Theta to host videos and it was pretty awful. YouTube in contrast is awesome to use as a content creator.

Maybe one day there will be a decentralised, censorship resistance place to host videos but up until then, think YouTube best place.

Also worth considering downsides, can the crypto community host a video streaming site? Will it just end up with one part of the world hosting it? What happens if horrible, criminal content is posted and it can’t be taken down?

yeah that would be a good video, maybe worth doing once blue pill’s been claimed, don’t want to spoil it for those not claimed yet who are entitled to

Gotta call it Yearn Learn (or Learn Yearn)

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I’m for this. Like & Support

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