Proposal: Change @iearnfinance's profile website link to a linktree


Change the website link on iearnfinance’s twitter profile to a linktree.


Currently, the pinned tweet on the profile is a list of resources. While this list is helpful, it can be overwhelming for new users who don’t know where to start. Changing the profile website link to a linktree not only makes it easier to direct new users to beginner-friendly content, but frees up the pinned tweet for other announcements (new products, etc).


I made an example linktree here: @yearnfinanceexample | Linktree
Changing the link would look like this:
(minus example at the end of the url)
I am currently squatting on to stop any potential bad actors, but I would happily give that over to Andre or another community member that is more involved in the project and would keep the linktree up-to-date. Alternatively, Andre could also make his own url that he feels would be better. The only suggestion I have would be for the linktree admin to make the FAQ be the top link, as that is what new users need the most.

For: Change the website link on iearnfinance’s twitter profile to a linktree.

Against: Leave iearnfinance’s twitter profile as-is.


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Why not use

1 Like is great, but linktree is very commonly used by influencers and companies, so users already know how to use it. The whole point is to make onboarding users as simple and easy as possible. See these articles for why link-in-profile tools like linktree are useful:

Voted against as there will be a revamp of to include everything a newcomer would need.


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