Fix old references to

Multiple places among the yearn domains reference rather than

Here are a couple of examples:

Currently, the domain is not owned by yearn and going to that domain shows a concerning takedown notice for criminal investigation by the South African police. This is nothing much to worry about as Andre explained in this twitter thread, however, it is still disconcerting and we should avoid linking to it.

It may not be possible to change in some of the repos, the medium account, etc, but it could be easily changed if referenced as content in some of the web pages such as the APR page on


This has been bothering me too. It’s never good to split your branding resources. Clearly yearn has won the day. What can we do to support this further?


Noted and added to todo list.

This partially overlaps with branding, hence, might take a while to implement.

Thanks for stopping by and putting this together.