Combine and into single domain and update sitemap


This is a proposal to consolidate the two domain names associated with ( and and update the sitemap to improve usability and add security to the platform.


If implemented, the entire ecosystem will be under a single domain name. It will also update the sitemap to be more user friendly, improve security, and increase trust, which will ultimately lead to more investors and more profits for all.


There are currently two different domain names used in the ecosystem:

  1. which includes Earn, Zap, APR, and Vaults.
    – It also includes the subdomain, which can’t even be accessed from the main page
  2. which includes staking (V1 and V2) and voting (V1 and V2)

Having two different domains is confusing and is not user friendly. Having multiple domains also opens up the opportunity for malicious actors to try to scam unwitting users. For example, someone could set up a page and have a scam staking link.

By consolidating the domain, it will add trust to users that the funds they are depositing is the correct site.


Will defer to community members more experienced in site mapping and UX than me…

  • For: Consolidate into one domain and update sitemap
  • Against: Leave things as is
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I would add that there should at least be some sort of landing page or domain listing all the products in the ecosystem. There is value in the entire umbrella of products (yearn, ytrade, yliquidate, yleverage, ypool, yswap, ?) as one ecosystem.

This is even more necessary given the number of doppelganger pools out there now.


This is a great proposal. In favor.


Hi Everyone.

If we are going to make the effort to do this now, please consider my design proposal.
The copy will be amended as we grow to understand the message we want to convey, in the mean time:

I’ve attached a video to be considered.
The video shows structure and expected behaviour between primary and secondary navigation.
It does not yet show secondary navigation options being selected.
Secondary nav’ options, when selected would direct to their respective pages. (to follow)

Navigation options:


  1. Governance
  2. Finance


Under Governance:
a. Forum - A link here perhaps.
b. Income - Reserved to display income from staking as well as other stat’s within the ecosystem. I would also expect that this space is where we claim our rewards. (Term: income is placeholder)
c. Staking - Where we stake / un-stake our YFI
d. Voting - This is where YIP’s would be listed, proposed and voted on.

Under Finance.
e. Earn
f. Zap
g. APR
h. Vaults
… future products/services

Video can be accessed and viewed here:

Flat designs can be viewed here:

Zeplin link to access all elements and SVG’s is available on request.
I give over all ownership/copyrights of my designs relating to yEarn.Finance freely and willingly. They are for the community and project. Do with them as the community wishes.

I look forward to your feedback.

Edit - To add link to flat designs and above statement of ownership / copyrights.


I love how good the UX and structure you did.
Totally FOR vote.
Thank you for the example.
Just wonder if it can bring some DNA from the existing UI design by Andre with only boxes and buttons, less animation.

I’ve propagated this one further, hopefully, we can at least merge domains with current UI.

@iTo great stuff.

Great proposal, totally needed.

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good proposal i agree with you sometimes the different website confused me

Agreed. Always takes me several minutes to find correct site for stake, vote or vault…great to simplify.

Awesome prototype! Should we open for submissions for prototypes for a few days and then vote on them?

@Substreight, the consensus seems to support this proposal. What’s the best way to move forward with the specific design of it?

We have the domain ready to transfer to Yearn team.


Given all products start with ‘Y’ , this could be a good product fit.


I vote FOR. This should get done.

True, two different domains make it like a scam, from a programmer’s point of view.