Project organization and management

Assuming that the end goal of decentralized governance is to really “walk away from the project”, we should probably dedicate some effort to not just debate token economics but also the management of the development, product features, and other tasks.

Which tools should we use for the management of tasks? I suggest we discuss the following:

  • Decide who and how can propose new tasks
  • The approval process of tasks
  • Create a fund and allocate a budget from which we’ll pay contracts for executing the tasks (maybe via Gitcoin?)

Without this, we’ll rely on all development being done just by volunteers without a financial reward. Even the current yEarn team mentioned they don’t own almost any YFI tokens and since the revenue will be redirected to YFI holders, there is an insufficient long-term incentive to work on it.

Hiring more people could make us more competitive and move faster.

I think this is an important one!

I suggest a good start would be if the team and @andre.cronje could give an idea on the current structure and what of it they’d like to see maintained… or if they want to walk away as quickly as possible.

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There is no real structure at the moment. :sweat_smile:
However, the idea seems interesting.

After initial forum clean up, I’ve realized there are lot of questions coming from community: Would appreciate people taking care of the issues.

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