[Proposal] Open mint


Let developers mint any amount of YFI at any time to increase performance


Projects need funding and developers need resources but following pre-set plans for allocating funds is inefficient, slow and imitable by competition.


YFI has a unique resource of trust developing between community and developers, draw from this trust and build on it by letting developers mint as much YFI as they like without strings attached. This will allow the efficient and speedy allocation of capital, It will make the project difficult to imitate and it will signal confidence to new developers and investors.


Keep existing governance model but allow space for informal obligation to form between developers and community. Discussion invited.

Open mint
  • Yes, pursue this idea further
  • No, forget it

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Edit: Added poll, typo

So devs would be the third governance?

Currently, this is how it is, right?: YFI holders are the main governance, with the multisig dudes being the elected officials.

Its an open credit line for developers to mint as many yfi as they like

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