Partnership - Integrating On & Off-Ramp solutions

This is Abhisek, Partnerships Manger at TransFi.

We provide On & Off ramps with more than 50+ local payment methods with 80-90% conversion and local ID KYCs in the world’s fastest growing web3 markets.

As you know, credit cards dont work well in developing markets. e.g. Less than 10mn people have credit cards in the Philippines, but over 50m have GCash accounts. And we support GCash! This is one of the reason why Binance is partnering with us in SE Asia.

We also can get you the most popular and high conversion local payment methods such as VA eWallet payment methods in Indonesia (270m population), Touch n Go in Malaysia, PromptPay in Thailand, and many more!

We’re not just in SE Asia. We have SEPA and other local payment methods for Europe, and we will also shortly cover large parts of LatAm in the coming month, as well as Middle East and Africa.

Wanted to reach out to you to see if we can partner and further enhance your access to these exciting growth markets.

Feel free to book a call with our Global Head of Partnerships, Garry Huang:

Best Regards,

Abhisek Shaw
Partnership Manager
Mobile: +918240769981

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