More organised Proposals

Is there any way to get the proposals area more organised?

Theres like 8 proposals at the time of writing but on the forums it doesnt match up at all.

Not sure if we have forum admins that can tidy this up??

Its really quite confusing



There are simple guidelines on how to make a proposal: Proposal How-To. Looking for the best way to organize the flow.

its not the making proposals part im talking about. im referring to the fact that its a complete shit show right now.
you have 8 proposals to vote on, but look on the forums and theres like Proposal 0, 1, 8 and the rest are missing. As i understand 2,3,4 are just people clicking randomly not knowing wtf they doing.

like what are proposals 6,7 about?

Same stuff :frowning: People randomly press buttons and don’t understand what they do.

I fully agree it is a mess but give us some time setup the whole workflow.

Best advice for now, don’t vote if you don’t understand what you are voting for.


I think we should separate the term proposal and actual ballots. We have 6 ballots currently open for voting and 2 which have already finished. We have loads of proposals all over the place. We are currently trying to figure out the best way to transform a proposal into a ballot. It is clear that the way it is now is not working.

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we are working on a draft of what this could like by adapting some of the existing improvement processes for yearn:

Here is a draft if people have feedback -


Excellent. Thank you for throwing this up.

I agree the voting page looks really confusing , you don’t know for which proposal you are voting for