Voting For Proposals

Novice here. Would someone please explain how to vote for proposals? I see I can’t accrue any YFI rewards until I do, and there are currently no open proposals, at least none that I can see.

Correction, looks like I CAN accrue rewards, just can’t claim them until I have voted.

You need to have voted in order to claim rewards

I understand, but can you tell me how to vote? Like, I read a proposal, and is it just obvious from reading an open one how to cast a vote, like click yes or no? I haven’t seen an open one yet, so I don’t know. I realize the results are recorded on-chain, and that there will be an approval transaction involved.

I read proposals here then vote.

Currently, no opening proposals so wait for a new proposal pls


Got it. Thanks a lot.

I was trying to figure out if there was some other approval process, but it seems the buttons are just there on open proposals, and I just haven’t seen any yet.

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