How do we discover what the new proposals are?

As per the title ^

We know what proposals #0 and #1 are. But there are 2 new proposals with #2 having a significant amount of voting. How do we know what it’s for? Is the proposal somehow written on chain rather than trusting what is said in this forum?

Great question. I’d also probably propose that some more stringent rules should be put around who can make a proposal.

In its current iteration, drastic protocol changes could be pushed with no due diligence and that very much worries me

From what I can understand, Andre is acting as the executive branch if you will and pushing the proposals “manually” at the moment. So as it currently stands, at least the proposals need to actually be implemented.


a Proposal can be created to regulate Proposal creation :slight_smile:

Want to give it a stab @Coopahtroopa ? Happy to review if you want a second pair of eyes before posting.