Too many proposals too quickly

I know you guys operate at light speed, but some people are busy with work, kids, life etc and simply can’t keep up with all the new proposals. Some important decisions are being made quickly and frenetically.
I think this is also why quorum is often not reached.


Absolutely, right now there is zero process. People think of an idea, put up for vote and hope for the best. This is a good start Proposal How-To on what to do before creating a proposal.

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So, for the small holders out there, gas prices are a real issue for voting, it’s not realistic to put out multiple proposals in a matter of days and expect quorum to be reached.

Governance is a matter of politics. Proposal 0 reached quorum because there was 5 days of politics and lobbying and discussion being had on discord, twitter, this forum, and people were able to understand the issue and hash it out.

Also, people were forced to vote to stake their YFI in pool 4, tons of people just voted on zero and nothing else.

If you expect to reach quorum, it might be good to force a vote again with only one proposal up for vote and 5 days of time to play politics on it.

100% agree with you on this. I try to follow all the proposal but it is not clear and there is way too much of them. I did appreciated the 5 days on proposal 0.

We work too. Please slow the F down. Agreed.

I agree that at the moment it is necessary to devote a lot of time to studying the proposals.
But we are at the stage of the inception of the project, and at the moment it is necessary to lay the foundations that will allow the project to develop in the future. If we see that some of the initial values/ideas ​​do not work as intended, then we need to change them quickly enough, otherwise, due to the large influence of the initial period, the problems may worsen.

That is why, in my opinion, it is critically important now to reduce the quorum for accepting proposals, since otherwise the project will forever remain the same as it exists now and will not have time to adapt to the conditions in the rapidly changing cryptoworld.

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I prefer the idea of delegating. The reason is that you can remove your support if you think the voter is not voting in your interest. Reducing the quorum will just give more power to big whale. No ?

Can you provide us with your rational for when you say that “problems may worsen”? What are the problems that may worsen? How would they worsen? Thanks

It all depends on your imagination and vision of how the situation may develop.

I see it as likely enough that the farming whales will be the most eligible to vote, but they will never do so, as they are interested in making a profit, and will spend time exploring new opportunities, rather than wasting time participating in governance system.

Sure, but it seems that this is not the case yet. My point is that we are not gathering evidence to back our claims that things will get worsen.
YIP 10 still has 2 days to go and already has 16% quorum.

Let’s not act irrationally because of unfounded fear.

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I rather see a rich discourse and participation than see proposals popping up like they have.
Who can keep up with this and have the time to try to decipher it?

In fact, you don’t need to look at this picture. You just need to follow the issued YIPs here:, of which there are currently 7 proposals, and all of which are described well enough and do not take too much time to understand.

I still believe we need more time for discussions before rushing to ballots. Thanks for the link btw.

i don’t have hard facts that my proposal and my numbers will change situation for good. However, we currently are in a quite dangerous situation where quorum can’t be met even for the important votes and my intuition is that my proposal will help, and will help enough.