Exploiting quorum calculations

I noticed that ygov allows you to vote both for and against the same proposal and counts both. I figured this might be a useful way to try to get proposals up to quorum, assuming that the quorum numerator increases when you vote for both and that the denominator does not. Is that how quorum is actually calculated?

I voted yes and no for Proposals 10 and 12 to try to increase their chances of meeting quorum, and hence of passing. You might consider doing so also if my supposition is correct.


This is 100% true, see

Issue will be fixed in the next version.

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Don’t fix it! We will never be able to pass any Proposal if you fix it.

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probably better if the mechanism for reaching minimum quorum is not an loophole or exploit…

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I would be VERY careful about fixing this before more time is given to see how voting behaviour plays out re: quorum.

Crypto projects historically have low voter participation. Setting a high quorum may mean nothing is capable of being passed. See here:

from Blockchain Voter Apathy. Governance is a key area of exploration… | by Roy Learner | Wave Digital Assets | Medium

The proposals that already reached quorum may have done so because they happened early in YFI’s life, when voting power was concentrated in active early adopters.

Their is a risk that 33% can’t be reached now because:

  • wider distribution now vs few days ago means many holders won’t be spending their time reading/voting.
  • many possibly won’t want to pay a high gas fee for their small holding vote.
  • Voting costs expensive skin in the game. For example, I contrib’d to pool 3 3-4 days ago, despite knowing that investing in YFI alone would likely be a better financial decision. I knew voting would lock my contrib. in pool 3 so I couldn’t switch to just buying YFI even if I wanted to (I still voted). Will enough people act against their financial interests, and lock into pool 3 to vote?

Wow, the voter turnout data is super interesting :fire: Definitely helps to put this into perspective :pray:

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@nightmayoralty I here you. Thanks for concrete arguments and reference.

But let’s be clear, “quorum pumping” is a bug that should be fixed cause this is not the intended behavior.

There is YIP-12, to drop quorum to 20% exactly for the reasons you’ve mentioned: