Quorum Question

Quorum is currently set at 20% or 6,000 of the 30,000 issued YFI. The contract shows YIP 30 at about 4,100 votes but shows quorum met at about 88%. I must be interpreting the contract query results incorrectly. Would someone please explain?

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I believe it is calculating quoroms against the amount in the governance contract, not the total amount of YFI in circulation. There is 6800 YFI in the v2 contract atm. 8800/2000 would mean that 88% of the pool has voted, and the quorom requirement is 20%. This would correspond to about 5900 total votes.


Thanks @hc.link. It looks like the 88% is the percent of totalVotesAvailable (about 4,7110 now) that have voted for or against (about 4,200). That seems like a perverted interpretation of quorum. It may not ultimately be important for YIP 30, but we should be clear about the rule.