Missing LINK from Wallet

I had 1,000 LINK in my coinbase wallet and connected to Yearn’s website using my 12 word recovery phrase from the wallet. After doing so, I received a pop up “Down for maintenance: Unfortunately the app is down for a bit of maintenance right now. But soon we’ll be up and the sun will shine againe.” When I checked back 90 min later, I found that my 1,000 LINK had been sent to an address, and I received .06 ETH from that same address. I did not authorize this. Coinbase is looking in to the matter, but I don’t know what to do on the Yearn end of things. Any suggestions?

Sadly, it sounds like you were using a fake website (not the real https://yearn.finance) that took your seed phrase, and emptied your wallet. Those funds are almost certainly gone.

Please keep in mind in the future—normal (non-scam) websites will NEVER ask you for your private key, recovery phrase, or seed phrase. Good luck, and sorry that you had to learn this lesson the hard way :slightly_frowning_face:

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