Have I lost my Balance?

New to Yearn.Finance, deposited DAI into the EARN section and it looked good. Yesterday I saw this new update and my connected wallet shows that I have a zero balance. Today the dashboard has been updated but still says zero. Have I lost that? Where did it go? Thanks for helping a new guy.

Balance isn’t lost

you can use v1 here: https://v1.yearn.finance/

That is where I’m looking and it has zero balance and zero history with my wallet connected. Am I missing something?

I’m having the same issue - $2k + - what’s happening?

In my coinbase wallet there is an “iearn DAI” but I can’t do anything with it, and It’s less than I had originally deposited. I’m not sure if it was generated by YearnFinance or what.

iEarn DAI is the earn product itself—it’s worth more than 1 DAI because it earns interest over time. You can read more about our Earn product here: Earn - yearn.finance

That’s great! how do I get it back into the Yearn platform, and out of my coinbase wallet? My yearn dashboard shows 0.00 for both balance and growth?

Same problem here. No balance, no history shown on V1 or V2, even after linking to Coinbase Wallet.

Not sure if it’s pertinent, but V2 offers WalletLink instead of V1’s Coinbase Wallet. Neither shows my Earn DAI investment.

Same, only difference is when I link my wallet via Walletlink it shows that it’s linked but does not show any info at all.

There’s a weird issue with Coinbase Wallet and the WalletConnect that our devs are looking into, but don’t worry, your funds are still there—it’s only a UI issue, but the contracts haven’t changed

Also, just as an aside to everyone on this thread—in the future, it’s much easier to get support if you either head to the telegram (t.me/yearnfinance) or the discord (discord.yearn.finance).

This has been fixed!

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