Bugs - Let's get a list together

I did not find a ‘Bug’ thread, so starting on here.

Vaults - balance not updating.

I have recently deposited (for the second time) into the new LINK vaults.
Transactions were successful and everything is in order. However:

The view on yearn.finance vaults is not updating to reflect the new wallet balance.

I am still seeing the balance prior to the latest deposits.
Again, no tokens lost, they are clearly visible in my wallet, only the balances reflected in the vaults are not updating.

Resolution found - restarted ledger, reconnect wallet (via meta-mask)
Balances are now reflecting correctly.

:eyes: is this one you are looking for?

I’d like to add that I have now voted on YIP34 and the rewards CTA is still inactive.

wallet connect is not working.