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Legal onboarding / best practices

The premise of deeming an ad-hoc development team an 'unincorporated association" brings some questions to mind:

1: Do anonymous developers run the chance of potentially violating US Federal law vis a vie using their anonymous alias? I.e. is it possible to be charged for making False Statements to a Federal Investigator by using your own anonymous alias?

2: What sort of specified practices should be adopted that directly related to discovery? Document Retention Policies (etc)?

3: Are there any legal boilerplate that should be used?

4: This obv. has a focus more towards U.S. jurisdiction, is there any E.U/ (i.e. German) particularities/etc that developers should be aware of/disclaimers?

Basically looking at a scenario in which this is actually used IRL: what are the initial onboarding pains that the legal team will face / what can developers do to help facilitate bringing them up to speed as quickly as possible / reducing surface area for prosecution vis a vie ‘legal hygiene’ (e.g. short document retention policy, etc)

This question is purely hypothetical and for eductional purposes only.

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You might get some answers if you post on their forum itself @sambacha https://forum.lexpunk.army I would recommend reposting there.