Improving and abstracting strategy contracts

Hey there, Luciano here.

I was playing around with the current strategies smart contracts and found that they can easily be abstracted to support different underlying, lending and swapping platforms.

I believe that building small, configurable and audited yearn building blocks can speed up the deployment of new strategies safely.

It also enables other developers to audit the code and start building on top of that.

Imagine it as a “open-zeppelin” style repo with: Protocol interfaces, Governance modifiers, Price Oracles, deposit-harvest-withdrawal logic, etc… AND TESTS!

Is there an interest on this?
Is anyone working on something like this already? I’d like to help


Here is the discord, you can ask in the Dev channel. Tagging @banteg.

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I would 100% be onboard with this. I reckon that a lot of strategy modules can already be isolated from the current strategies.

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Modularization to stay nimble, seems like a great idea!

Eventually, maybe the entire programming gets abstracted (like furucombo) where non-programming plebs like me can play around with strategy lego blocks


sounds cool. I think being able to support multiple platforms with a little effort is always good thing!