Keep3r and yearn finance

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone with a better understanding than mine could explain how yearn finance will benefit from keep3r ?

Thanks !

Keeper is a network that lets you basically automate tasks to others. The network pays them to do this automation. This is good for say vaults as someone needs to monitor them and call harvest, the function that sells the farmed token for the vaults native token, thus giving the vaults profit. Our devs used to do this with their own bots, but now with keeper it will be profitable for anyone to monitor our vaults and call the function accordingly. This is not just yearn but other networks can use this as well to help them offload some of the burden of running their systems. For more reading on the subject, I would check out Andre’s blog posts about Keeper. If you have more questions you can also ask in #keep3r-chat on our discord.