CrvStrategyKeep3r not ready yet

FYI, don’t try the yearn keep3r jobs yet.

Yearn only authorizes harvest calls to their governance and strategist right now, so they will need to redeploy their strategies before the CrvStrategyKeep3r contract can act as a proxy to call harvest via Keepers.

Also, maybe we should consider having higher bars for jobs before adding them to the keep3r site. A job should provide a proof tx that a valid keeper can perform a job before they can be promoted on the keep3r governance site. Thoughts?

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One of the strategies is now harvestable by the CrvStrategyKeep3r:

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If we can delegate our bonded KP3R to provide you more voting power, let me know. You can be my governor. Keep up the good work, providing free quality information to the community and all us Noobs out there who just want to run Keep3rs and collect our paychecks.

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