[Proposal] Increase Keep3r rewards based on bonded amount


Increase BOOST factor to 50 from 25, and increase TARGETBOND to 200e18 from 100e18


Deploy a new Keep3rV1Helper with BOOST = 25 and TARGETBOND = 100e18 as per https://github.com/keep3r-network/keep3r.network/blob/master/contracts/Keep3rV1Helper.sol#L227


The current rewards are roughly equal to gas expenditure, the proposed changed would double keep3r profitability.


The proposed change will double keep3r profitability.

For: Deploy and call setKeep3rHelper(_deployed_address)

Against: Leave current rewards as is


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This proposal is slightly confusing.

The summary makes it seem like boost is already implemented and you are just increasing the max boost to BOOST = 50 and TARGETBOND = 200e18

The abstract makes it seem like you will deploy boost for the first time with BOOST = 25 and TARGETBOND = 100e18.

If we can get a clarification, that’d be great

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Upgrade the Keep3rV1Helper to a contract with BOOST 50, and TARGETBOND 200e18. That is all this proposal is about.


to me there’s no issue with scaling the rewards based on the amount of kpr bonded as long as

  • keepers with no coins bonded at least break even (using the fast gas setting) and from there on run profitably (as they accrue more and more tokens)

  • it doesn’t give keepers with more bonds a higher chance to receive a job

competition between keepers should be incentivized as it will lead to more efficient strategies thus there should be as little barrier to entrance as possible (ie if i have a good strategy I shouldn’t be left out because I don’t have a spare 40k$ lying around)

since this proposal doesn’t change any of the above i’m in favor.


Will the “pending unbonded” amount count as the “bonded amount”? When will this BOOST factor be increased to 50?

Just a personal situation, had over 50 Bonds that were active, but unbonded 25 just to reach target threshold of BOOST factor :rofl: Now needing to Bond again, but have to wait for 14 days…

That a good ideas to increase keep3r profitability
I vote for to see if it work.

I kindly request a seperate massive boost for 1k KP3R bonded

Reason: We need more whales (real keepers in the true sense of the word) to be protected from small-time speculators and all the malicious exchanges manipulating supply and demand. Get the tokens in the hands of keepers, not in the hands of traders and such

Suggestion: Boost to 200

The issue I have for your second point is it allows more skilled coders to create strategies giving them an edge to get jobs, and not require a stake of capital to disincentive using their skills to try and be malicious.

The bonded KP3R needs to be high enough for high level techs to gain advantage, yet also create a barrier to discourage free malicious attacks.

As a nontech, my only credentials as a KP3R using copy pasta code, is that I am willing to stake high levels of KP3R and not attack the system ever.

Greetings Andre my greatest admiration, I use the google translator to congratulate you on your projects, since I speak Spanish and I am from Colombia, I believe in your projects and I have had bad experiences in the defi world of Uniswap, I would like it to be whatever The decision you make is to give a boost to the value of the token and at once leave the domain of the whales of uniswap, I think that the whales took over the world defi … and there has to be a stop on the part of all the developers and the same uniswap, more control, less speculation, if uploading the rewards to kp3r is the best to give value to whoever bets I will try to bet and be a guardian, greetings and congratulations