Keep3r V2: decrease bond for maximum kp3r boost

To effectively run a kp3r bot, one needs to bond 200 KP3R to receive max boost. This is needlessly high after the kp3r price has gone up, and increases the barrier of entry for new kp3r bot developers and makes the barrier of entry too high

This high bond limit certainly decreases the decentralization of the network. No projects will want to integrate keeper unless there are a good amount of bots running. Right now there is 1.

Proposal: Decrease bond required for max kp3r work() boost to 50.


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Agreed. 200 KP3R is $220k as of now.
50 KP3R ($55k) sounds more reasonable.

Since KP3R price is fluctuating, a even better idea may be bonding an minimum fixed $ value of KP3R. So this parameter won’t be needed to be adjusted every few months.

btw, will you share how can I find 200 KP3R needed to maxi the income? Thanks!


It’s buried in some keeper job contracts… search for BOOST and you may find it.

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actually you can run an effective keep3r without the boost(the reward is enough to increase priority fee), there are many tx’s that got mined from keep3rs without the boost and with a really small priority fee.

In my opinion it is better to incentivize keepers to bond more kp3r, not reduce the amount.
At the moment there are jobs that require 0 or even 50(some of the yearn jobs) and if you consider the money involved that is not a big number to have bonded.

There are more keepers, it’s just there is one that is really fast.
Also i believe that protocols do want their tx’s mined the fastest possible and the way keeper is now the tx’s are really fast.

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Reasonable to have keepers bonding more.

My take is that to boost the network, reduce bonding at the early stage. So that more tech savvy keepers could join and play with it.

(There are many tech savvy people. There are many rich chads. But are there many tech savvy chads? Bonding 200 KP3R with price of (suppose to be) $2000 is $400k. )

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There are jobs atm that require 0 and 50 Kp3r bonded.

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