I deposited wFTM but don't see the balance

Hi, I deposited wFTM to the vault, but don’t see my balance. Any help to re-locate?

I can see the balance on zapper.fi. I believe it’s in yvwFTM, but can’t find it anywhere. I did take a loan out against yvwFTM, but I should still see the balance somewhere, right? I’m trying to confirm my rewards and balance.


You may need to add the yvwFTM to your metamask so you can see it. On this site: WFTM yVault (yvWFTM) Token Tracker | FtmScan , you can click the 3 dots in the top right corner and click ‘add to web 3 wallet’ and then you should see it.

Having said that, afterwards if you’ve deposited it somewhere else to borrow, like Abracadabra, it may not show since you’ve effectively deposited that yvwFTM with them

Thanks Glenn. This is great info. I did deposit to Abracadabra. It still acquires the rewards, right?

Yeah it does still acquire the rewards

Same issue here. Thanks for the answer.

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