House keeping items

I voted in support of the performance improvement plan. When will Governance portal be updated to remove the “Claim Rewards” requirement. I voted, and still cannot claim my rewards.

Second, think it’s time to remove " This project is in beta. Use at your own risk." Perhaps this is a CYA, but this doesn’t help legitimize the project.

Thanks friends!


I leave it here

Using zerion and zapper aave ux, and good exact stats
we can do better for the users xp.
It is critical for the next year for the official site.

I agree with @craysecurity overall + adding feature fiat on-ramp via credit card service directly like @Karin asks if moon pay was exciting or not, she left into the blue—poor her.

And keeping the “yearn touch”.

But one thing after and another.

Dear stakers, let’s vote on the snapshot with 99 % agree and follow the dev agendas, should we.

You can claim rewards at for now till its merged into the main UI

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