Governance rewards: difference between calculated vs actual performance

Calculation = ((treasury / governance base balances)*365)*100
Sent balance to yGov = 70,000 USD
Funds deposited on Governance = 121,500,000 USD

((70k / 121.5M)* 365)*100 = 21% APY

I just claimed my rewards from governance after the last 70k USD transfer to governance, thinking UI was showing a wrong number but the smart contract should provide the correct number.

received reward = 7 yCRV (+/- 4.8% APY)
calculated reward = 31 yCRV (+/- 21% APY)

Am I missing something on my calculations (such as timeweight of the stake, or something)?

Yes, you are missing something.


Yeap, I was searching through contract for this and found it!


Thanks a lot!

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How long have you been staking now? I’m by day 5 and I see this today APY: 5.9584%. It increases day by day, last time I saw it was like 4%.

How do you see the APY for governance staking?

the apy is today 5.27%

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