FYI - YCRV/YFI should be farming BAL soon

Balancer discord (token requests) show they seem to be slating yCRV for BAL rewards monday.

This means yCRV/YFI woudl start farming CRV and BAL


Thanks a lot for an update! Any chance you can link source: screenshot or link?

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More info here:

Although I wouldn’t expect too much from it. A 98%-2% pool distribution means hardly any BAL will be farmed. You might be better of finding a pool closer to 50-50 distribution.


I checked out your link on the BAL governance forum, looks good~

Side note:
If the wallet held $BAL token in pools or personal wallets
For proposals pertaining to Balancer protocol, there’s no need to move your distributed $BAL out from pools for voting on Balancer as no transaction is needed, the process entirely uses only signatures.

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So the good news is I believe it’s whitelisted now

But the bad news as people have mentioned is that 98/2 pools dont give much BAL

What do people thikn about incentivizing a 80/20 YFI/yCRV pool?

This would collect a more significant amount of BAL while still earning CRV.

Exact numbers, please.

Source: Introduction of a weight ratio factor in liquidity mining - Liquidity Mining [deprecated] - Balancer

According to this weight schedule

a 80/20 pool is a 0.64 liquidity factor, which would give 8x the BAL rewards of the current 98/2 pool.
This is 36% less BAL than a 50/50 pool but no one wants to supply a 50/50 pool on a speculative asset.
80/20 is a good balance of BAL rewards and lower impermanent loss.

The major change here to the current setup isn’t just the ratio though but that the heavily weighted asset in a 80/20 pool woudl have to be YFI rather than yCRV.

The effects would be:
-lower slippage (80/20 slips much less than 98/2)
-more YFI is locked up

I think this is good for YFI


In this case, I believe you meant that:
YFI-yCrv 80/20 would slip much less than current yCrv-YFI 98/2 in the current setup, sounds good to me.

Also ran into some issues on BAL pooling, took some time debug, still unresolved with ledger not able to add liquidity on BAL pool that has a greater portion of YFI, probably unrelated though.

Can we vote on yearn with just signatures like this? Wouldn’t that save gas?

The voting portal on Balancer is an initial prototype, which tallies votes off-chain, it will only facilitate voting until the full on-chain portal is deployed, which is now being actively developed

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When is the farming going to start? Or am I required to do something??