Balancer Pools Amendments discussions

I’d like to discuss some ways we could change the Balancer pools so the % of YFI change gradually ?

The current pools with only 2% YFI isn’t bullish at all for holders, I can understand why this decision was taken early since there wasn’t a lot of YFI available but as time goes on and the distribution take place.

We should fix this problem and ultimately switch the percentages & collaterals (someone on Crypto Twitter pointed out about sUSD, I am not necessarily for this option could be mUSD or USD++ for example)

Percentages :
What about a gradual increase in YFI e.g. :

  • 5% YFI 95% Stablecoins starting 1 August
  • 10% YFI 90% Stablecoins - 15 August
  • 20% YFI 80% Stablecoins - 31 August
  • 30% YFI 70% Stablecoins - 15 September
  • 50% YFI 50% Stablecoins - 30 September

I am just throwing ideas to have some feedback from the community and if we all reach consensus someone or I can create a Proposal.

1 YFI = 1 BTC soon :man_farmer:


I imagine in order for these pools to be effective they need to be incentivized and in order to incentivize them we need to agree on an issuance schedule and after that we need to agree on the actual incentive for each pool. Isn’t putting dates in this discussion a bit premature? We should probably discuss the prior mentioned issues first.

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Agree on this one.

But also agree on this one. Ideally, we should re-iterate vote on proposal 1 and come back to this discussion.