Idea: Adjust DAI / YFI balancer pool

Hi all,

Currently there’s over 100M DAI in the DAI/YFI pool earning no native interest, essentially sitting unused. Would it be possible to swap the DAI in this pool for aDAI (or yDAI)? This would increase earnings for LPs, while also improving DAI liquidity. Only drawback is that it would require people to wrap/unwrap their DAI when trading between DAI and YFI, but the cost would be much lower than the cost of wrapping or unwrapping the yCRV LP tokens.


The incentive for this pool will end pretty soon. It’s not possible to add a different asset to a public Balancer pool so we just have to go with what we have.


Gotcha. If a similar pool is used/incentivized by the ecosystem in the future, it would be great to use a yielding instrument instead of just plain DAI.