Change Balancer Pool Allocations

Description: Change Pool 2 and Pool 3 Splits from 2/98 to 4/96

For: Double the price of YFI, or increase liquidity for YFI at higher price levels to offset new coin inflation from Proposal 0. Would also increase the amount of YFI each pool contributor is holding.

Against: Would have slightly more risk of impermanent loss.




Note that these specific Balancer pools are public pools, so pool weights can’t be changed like they can with private pools, would need to create new ones.


Yes, the idea is to create and incentivize a new pool instead of the current ones.

There has been a lot of talk about moving to an 20 YFI // 80 yCRV. What are your thoughts on that?

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IMO we should be moving to a 80 YFI // 20 yCRV pool, not a 20YFI //80 yCRV pool.

The 20YFI//80yCRV maximizes impermanent loss for YFI, while the 80 YFI/20yCRV pool would minimize it.

In addition, it would provide good liquidity, while mining BAL in significant amounts as well as CRV. (more info here: FYI - YCRV/YFI should be farming BAL soon)"

This should probably be incentivized as well, as soon as the emissions is worked out.


For change in balancer pool allocations

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