How to claim BAL/CRV yield?

After staking BPT to the pool #2 or #3, how could I claim rewarded BAL or CRV? Seems like just YFI could be claimed from the UI.

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BAL is sent by Balancer weekly for whitelisted pools, which I don’t think this is - maybe we need to get a lobby together for that and send some people over to get BAL voters whitelisting it.

CRV is sent by Curve once its released, earnings for this pool will accrue and be available but it will take a while for them to figure out how to pay it


Thank you! It’s really helpful.

The BPT are staked, does that make a difference to where the BAL is sent?

@500bitcoins any chance you can follow up this with Balancer team? Not sure if anyone is on this one.

If BPT is staked then BAL should be sent to contract, not your wallet.

I have again asked this in the token requests channel on BAL; there are a lot of people asking for yCRV to be added (YFI is already whitelisted) so expect this will be done soon.