When are BAL rewards distributed?

Balancer distributes rewards weekly. For the week of YFI farming, you can find the distribution here: https://github.com/balancer-labs/bal-mining-scripts/blob/master/reports/8/_totals.json

Each user should receive BAL in two parts:

  1. First is when they provided liquidity without staking at ygov. This has been already distributed.
  2. Second is when they provided liquidity with staking at ygov. This has not been distributed.

As most users staked, the majority of the BAL rewards remain undistributed. You can see an example here which shows the staking contract address receiving BAL.

β€œ0x033e52f513f9b98e129381c6708f9faa2dee5db5”: β€œ4419.361842941743221315”

Question, who is responsible for distributing BAL from the staking contract address (YFI/DAI, YFI/yCRV) and when will that be done?

P.s. The distribution was supposed to happen on Wednesday according to FAQ, but it’s Thursday now


For the distribution of rewards, Balancer has been using a service (smart contract) to send out to a pre-defined list of BAL rewards received by each BPT staked.

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This is a good question. Do we know how much BAL was distributed to the contract?

both are 98/2 pool, i believe the BAL rewards is very small. The BAL rewards to the BPT staked contracts of this 2 pools, we can vote it to send to Andre as an appreciation from the community?