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can someone claim the vKP3R? The first transaction to approve was OK, the second “create lock” gives an error message. What I am missing? Can’t also access the Fixed Forex to increase lock time or amount.

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I claimed and received veIBFF rewards from the curve gauges on September 1.

About 12 hours later, I claimed vKP3R. But the amount of vKP3R that I received seems to be calculated based on my previous August 31 holdings of veIBFF, not based on my up-to-date September 1 holdings.

Did I miss a veIBFF snapshot? Will another snapshot be taken, to give credit for veIBFF received on September 1?

Thank you.

The snapshot was taken at Tue Aug 31 2021 16:07:33 GMT+0000. There unfortunately won’t be another snapshot.

Can you create the lock manually without claim and see? On /vest you can create a lock manually

Hi Andre, would you share how was the two fees generated? I thought FixedForex only earn interest by lending on Iron Bank. Thanks in advance!

Fixed Forex reserve: USD81,791
Fixed Forex borrow: USD28,670

There are currently the following fee sources;


Iron Bank (ib) has a variable reserve on interest generated from assets borrowed, this is generated via any assets supplied as collateral to ib, can read more about the different reserve factors at the official documentation. The reserve is fixed forex’ % of all generated reserve factor fees (currently 70%). So as more collateral is supplied to mint ib*assets, this reserve scales. (activated last week)


Whenever ib*assets are borrowed, users pay interest for borrowing. This scales with borrowing/demand/incentives. (active)


Whenever a foreign option is executed, 1% of strike, whenever a KP3R/ETH olm is executed, 100% of strike. (inactive pending 2nd audit)

-v3 incentives-

50% of trading fees on lp positions supplied. (inactive pending 2nd audit)


1% of future emission (inactive pending gov v2 on kp3r)

-job fees-

1% of job fees (inactive pending gov v3 on kp3r)

Can read more on the above on the medium

even being vested before the 31st, I wasnt included. Was there a cut off of the size? If it was less than .1 or something?

Thank you for the quick reply!
The reserve part is what I don’t still understand.

As I read from FixedForex official docs (and Cream’s official docs), reserve factor fees goes to the lending platform (aka Iron Bank) instead of FixedForex.

To my understanding, FixedForex is depositing ibAssets to Iron Bank.
Fixed Forex earns interest, while Iron Bank earns reserve factor fee?
I may be wrong. Please correct me, thanks!

Have you had any success? I’m facing the same issue, got no clue what to do.

Yes, you need to have some kp3r in your wallet to create the lock first

Yes, u need to have some kp3r in ur wallet to create the lock first

I had ibeur depostited and then staked in gauge… now the site says its gone. Not only that, my intial ibff i had bought, and staked for veibff is gone. I never got k3pr dropped. whats going on with this ???

I’ve asked that the old gauges be added in a “deprecated” section on the UI, should be implemented today, if however you want to remove liquidity before that, you can use the contracts directly; address can be found in the documentation here.

If you had veIBFF at time of snapshot, you will see a “claim” option in top left, that you can use to claim vKP3R.

Worth adding that to claim the vKP3R from the snapshot you need to:

  • get some kp3r
  • approve the vkp3r contract to spend your kp3r
  • create_lock()
  • then you should be able to claim your snapshot vkp3r :slight_smile:
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So if we had been in the KRW and EUR pools but left IBFF unclaimed any way that can be changed to KP3R?

Sorry ser, it would appear not

I had multiple wallets with veIBFF at time of snapshot and don’t seem to be able to claim vK3PR anywhere.

Is this live yet?

Have the same issue, provided liquidity for weeks and did not get to lock veIBFF in time for the snapshot, apparently. Seems disappointing tbh.

Is the deprecation UI deployed yet to to remove our IBEUR, couldn’t find it?

I can see a bunch of people claimed theirs and when I run the query I should be eligible for a huge chunk as well.

I approved KP3R to be spent by the vKP3R contract but seems like there is another approval missing before calling claim in vClaim.

I don’t really get what I am doing wrong.

No deprecation UI but easy to exit from contract:

Choose the gauge you were in here:

Go to write contract and exit to recover your pool. You’ll then see the EUR or KRW on curve factory pool UI.

Seems a few of us in similar situation. Appreciate if anything can be done for those of us who had been supporting the project from the beginning with liquidity.

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