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Any idea how to withdraw LP tokens from the distribution contract? 0x1da8a6fe33bd35b99505d67843eec9fa124f2d4b

It gives me an error when I call the Exit Function. Note that I also had some LP tokens staked in the faucet contract (0x7d254d9adc588126edaee52a1029278180a802e8) and I was able to withdraw these with no problem

Two options;

  1. veIBFF.create_lock (if you haven’t already)
  2. IBFF.approve(veIBFF, amount) (which you need to do to create lock in anycase)
  3. distribution.exit() ~ this will give you veIBFF rewards and your LP tokens


  1. distribution.withdraw(lp_amount) ~ this will not give you veIBFF rewards

Thank you. It worked!

Hello, I’ve unstaked my ibEUR-ETH SLP tokens from the distribution contract and I’d like to restake to the new v2 proxy through the UI. I don’t see an option anywhere to stake these SLP tokens. How do I go about staking in the v2 proxy? Apologies for the basic question.


Has the rewards to the IBEUR/ETH pool distribution contract ended?

When I try to claim from the ibKRW-sKRW or ibEUR-sEUR gauges,
Metamask says “ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code”
on the confirmation screen. If I go ahead and confirm anyway, the transaction fails.

I get this error when claiming using the UI,
and also when interacting directly with the claim function.

What am I missing? Thanks.

Hi, I claimed ibff rewards (from Curve LP staking) - tx went through but I haven’t received any tokens into my wallet. If I’m reading tx correctly my tokens went to 0x15e61581afa2707bca42bae529387eea11f68e6e - can you advise please?

Have you vote-locked any IBFF and converted them into veIBFF yet? You need to have some veIBFF, any amount, in order to be able to claim from the gauges.


1. Obtain IBFF

If you don’t have any IBFF yet, you can obtain it either by depositing ibEUR/ETH Sushi LP into the faucet to earn IBFF, or by purchasing IBFF on Sushiswap. I think the latter route is prob easiest. You only need a tiny amount, don’t buy a lot and get rekt on the price as IBFF/ETH is still a very illiquid market.

2. Vote-lock IBFF

Once you have a tiny amount of IBFF, time-lock it for any duration up to 4 years in order to receive veIBFF. You can do so from the UI.

3. Claim gauge rewards

Once you have a veIBFF balance, claiming gauge rewards will no longer revert.

0x15e61581afa2707bca42bae529387eea11f68e6e is the IBFF Distribution v2 contract.

Claiming IBFF rewards from gauges automatically vote-locks them. So you never receive IBFF, you receive veIBFF equivalent to the proportion of your current vote lock duration (max duration being 4 years).

thanks - does this mean that the IBFF tokens I claimed will be available for me to claim / redeem when my current IBFF lock expires?

You said that I can vote-lock IBFF from the UI but I don’t see any button for that; do I need to obtain some IBFF first in order for it to show up? And if the answer is no, can someone explain me how to make a lock directly through etherscan? Sorry for dumb question

Hi guys, I locked my ibff for 1 month on 09-08-2021 and now have 0.11 veibff but still have zero fees to claim. Am I doing something wrong?

You can buy 0.00001 IBFF on sushiswap to create your lock.

@icediver fees are checkpointed on a weekly basis so takes a while for them to show up after you lock.

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I have the same question. But how to create lock on UI? The claiming tx fee suggested by fixedforex is almost 1 ETH (when gas price is only 30 Gwei), that is crazy!

There is one thing I still don’t understand: if I claim 1 ibff from ibEUR-sEUR and auto-lock it for 1 month will I get the whole amount back after the lock period or only a fraction of it?

i have ibeuro/eth in faucet, are those rewards auto converted into keep3r now?

also, had ibff vested, now (veIBFF) for one year. i received no keep3r drop, was there a size cut off?

can someone claim the vKP3R? The first transaction to approve was OK, the second “create lock” gives an error message. What I am missing? Can’t also access the Fixed Forex to increase lock time or amount.

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I claimed and received veIBFF rewards from the curve gauges on September 1.

About 12 hours later, I claimed vKP3R. But the amount of vKP3R that I received seems to be calculated based on my previous August 31 holdings of veIBFF, not based on my up-to-date September 1 holdings.

Did I miss a veIBFF snapshot? Will another snapshot be taken, to give credit for veIBFF received on September 1?

Thank you.

The snapshot was taken at Tue Aug 31 2021 16:07:33 GMT+0000. There unfortunately won’t be another snapshot.