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I have a good chunk of oKP3R tokens which I claimed but couldn’t redeem within 24h because of the UI issues (basically got the [object Object] error message as others here). Are these lost because I can still see them in my wallet (as ERC-721 token). Thanks.

Hello, I see the following error when trying to claim KP3R Options on FixedForex, does anyone know the issue?

Trying to deposit FTM through Fantom Opera Network. The transaction has been pending for almost 2 days. Please provide help on how to speed up or re-deposit.

My lock has expired and I cannot withdraw my vested kp3r. I’m getting the error below. Can anyone help?

“Error: Please pass numbers as strings or BN objects to avoid precision errors.”

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I was able to withdraw after a few hours with no issue. If anyone is able to offer any insight as to what might have temporarily created this error, I’d appreciate hearing it.

Apologies, originally posted this in the wrong thread… reposting here for correction.

Hi team,

Noticed that rKP3R rewards have not been distributed to vKP3R holders. Is anyone able to comment whether rewards to vKP3R have now ended? Or whether the distribution schedule has changed?



And again… second correction

Hey team,

Had a look at posting an issue in GitHub but couldn’t find the relevant repository, so apologies if this is the wrong place for this?

A user (g0d0f5k135#3620) on the #FixedForex channel in yearn discord has reported an error received when using Fixed Forex swapping feature for ibEUR to sUSD

Error as follows;

Similar error was previously reported on official telegram group - Telegram: Contact @keep3r_official on Feb 10th so might be a known issue.

Also looks as though Synthetix contract for exhanger was updated two days ago - synthetix/Exchanger.sol at v2.64.1 · Synthetixio/synthetix · GitHub

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I need to transfer my vested kp3r position to a new wallet. Are there any clear instructions on how to do this? Simply trying to transfer the vkp3r token in my wallet doesn’t work. Get the following error: Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Reverted]
ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender

“Curve+Convex+Yearn” tab doesn’t work anymore on the fixedforex page
Have to fix it.

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To add to this comment, site seems to loop back to home page when link to menu item clicked

hi, i have a question regarding “Vesting Rewards”

next to it it shows me a USD value. is it really worth that much? isnt it just a rebate of 10% for purchasing kp3r?

You are probably seeing rKP3R rewards this is one of the reward tokens that you can earn from vesting or deploying fixed Forex stablecoins.

rKP3R can be converted to oKP3R which gives a 24hr window to purchase new KP3R at 10% discount with USDC as the payment option. Therefore rKP3R always has an approx value of 10% of the market price of KP3R.

You can read more about that process here:

Original article ( Keep3r Redeemable KP3R (rKP3R). Redeemable KP3R, or rKP3R, is wrapped… | by Andre Cronje | Medium) - please note discount rate changed to 10% on Nov 21 following governance vote

Unofficial guide ( KP3R FAQ (unofficial). Updated on Feb 24, 2022, UTC | by 0xSato | Medium)

I work for OlympusDAO and we’re setting up an allocator contract for our KP3R holdings. The plan would be to deposit KP3R for vKP3R in the voting escrow contract here (Vyper_contract | Address 0x2FC52C61fB0C03489649311989CE2689D93dC1a2 | Etherscan), collect rKP3R rewards, and exercise the oKP3R options. The problem we’re running into is that the voting escrow contract has a smart contract checker method, but the checker contract has not been initialized (right now set to zero address). Would it be possible to have one set up so that when we’re ready to deploy we can get our allocator whitelisted? As it stands we’re dead in the water since a contract can’t interact with the voting escrow contract otherwise. Here’s veFXS’s smart contract checker for example: SmartWalletWhitelist | Address 0x53c13BA8834a1567474b19822aAD85c6F90D9f9F | Etherscan


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Another problem you’d face with this strategy is that vKP3R isn’t currently rewarded with rKP3R. So something to bear in mind

what’s the reward structure for vKP3R right now then? And what is rewarded with rKP3R?

right now, vKP3R receives ibEUR as share of fees every other week, next is due Thursday. rKP3R doesn’t generate rewards but instead allows a 10% discount on purchasing KP3R in exchange for USDC

And I would just claim from here? Fixed Forex: ibEUR Fee Distribution | Address 0xb9d18ab94cf61bb2bcebe6ac8ba8c19ff0cdb0ca | Etherscan

All contract info is included in docs

$ibEUR and maybe rKP3R later. Check out the APR

Hi, my vested KP3R lock expired, but when I hit the Withdraw button, I get an error message window:

“Error: Please pass numbers as strings or BN objects to avoid precision errors.”

Is there a way I can bypass or fix this? Thanks.