Dispute 0x6352 for manipulating yearn tend call


  1. Dispute 0x6352f8c749954c9df198cf72976e48994a77cce2 for not reporting an identified exploit with the YearnTendV2Keep3rJob, draining all the credits, and then moving all tokens to another address.
  2. Slash keeper 0x6352, in case, no extra information provided.


0x6352f8c749954c9df198cf72976e48994a77cce2 has been identified as having abused the YearnTendV2Keep3rJob.

Keeper 0x6352 found that workForTokens could be called without any cool down, moving 0 tokens while earning KP3R rewards.

Keeper did not report this behavior when it was discovered rather used it to drain the full credit amount for the job.

These actions are not in good faith of the principles expected from a keeper.

Keeper 0x6352 is in dispute and will be slashed, in case, no extra information provided.


very sad that someone would drain credits they know they did nor earn. It not only ruins the project but tarnishes Crypto as a whole. In life, we have very few things we can control as individuals. Honesty and Ethics are part of who we are as people. I have learned in the long run honest and ethical people achieve more than blatant crooks who may get rich faster but pay a steep price for their dishonesty. It is just a matter of time.