While trying to run the HegicPoolKeep3r (contract: 0x5DDe926b0A31346f2485900C5e64c2577F43F774) job, I got an error message:


Does this mean the job requires a minimum amount of keep3r profits in order to perform the job? If so, how do I find this in the contract code? Forgive me as I am very much a beginner in this space. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


that’s zdev’s. let me ping them.

Hey Jai,

The Keep3r job requires 0.1 WBTC or 2 ETH of profit (any of those have to be ´true´) in order for you to be able to execute the claimRewards() function.

Also, just as a comment, these values are modifiable (which we do plan to modify depending on how much we are expending and depending the amount of Staking Lots that are under our AUM)


Thank you! Really appreciate it

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