Da-Fi Project - pre-release questions

Hi everyone,

First off I want to commend everyone at the Yearn Project for making Yearn so successful and inspiring. So inspiring that it gave me the final push so to speak to begin the Da-Fi project a few months ago and it’s now close to live release. Da-Fi will utilize much of Yearns Protocols framework as a foundation for medium and longer term plans to implement new innovations within the De-Fi space. Before I continue with a technical question regarding yDAI contracts, is this the proper forum for such discussions? I have other questions and ideas regarding both Da-Fi and Yearn that I certainly wish to discuss before live release but as I said, I want to do so in the proper forum whether it’s simple emails back and forth or a virtual meeting. I look forward to a response! Thank you all again!

Robert Mourey Jr.
Founder, Owner, Developer of Da-Fi
ENS da-fi.eth, evaults.da-fi.eth, ipfstemporal.da-fi.eth
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