Idea: turn yearn into a DFO

Hey guys, so I stumble on this project that helps developers create DFOs :

“DFOs are an Ethereum-based Research & Development project. They are On-Chain companies with proprietary assets and voting tokens as programmable equities.
This is a general purpose protocol to deploy decentralized organisations. By employing a microservices-driven core, it ensures their Flexibility; by using voting tokens to govern them, it ensures their independence.
With a DFO as a base layer, Ethereans can develop every function step by step, which real users can then test and fix, without compromising the entire dApp.”

It looks like an amazing idea that could really benefit YFI both for security and governance. Think decentralized GitHub.

They have a working product and have already build DFOs on it. Actually they managed to resolve a critical issue without any off-chain action for the first time in the ethereum ecosystem s history :

It’d be amazing if the more technical people here could take a look at their doco : )


I think every dapp should be on top of a Flexible Organization

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I think people are underestimating how huge this is. The worlds first bug fix all on-chain… Yearn should definitely look into pursuing DFOs.


i think people mostly don t know about it yet ; )

first time hearing of it for me. thanks for sharing!

would there be a $buidl vault?


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