We should find devs to build an options platform

I saw talk of using options in our strategies through one of the on-chain dapps.

I think we’d be better off creating our own options platform, because the person behind HEGIC has shown time and time again to be both incompetent and irresponsable. If anyone / any group wants to do it, he/they should first create a thread on the forum, and then request funding through yDAO: yDAO for Community Funding

Maybe it could eventually have futures and perpetuals too, and after it’s deployed on mainnet it could also be deployed on xDai, Matic and the two optimistic rollup chains.


Easier said than done. Look how long it has taken the yETH vault to come back. Anyone can make requests, but actually doing the building is hard. Especially if you want people to build pro-bono. And many in the community seem to think that Yearn shouldn’t be paying anyone a salary to produce value.


Well, let’s start by sharing this message on dev chats/groups:

Yearn is looking for a single developer or a team to build and maintain its own pool-based options platform: http://gov.yearn.fi/t/we-should-find-devs-to-build-an-options-platform/6941 - 75% of the profit would go to YFI stakers and 25% to liquidity providers. The Yearn community has more than enough whales to provide liquidity once the dapp is on mainnet.

Someone could set up a poll to see if the community that’s active on the forum actually wants this.

You can post a question here: https://hackmd.io/r3aR9KTARGO08r3qSpYT0A?view

Currently working on Primitive -> a permissionless options protocol. We’ve designed it to be easily built on top of.

Phase 1 -> option instrument battletesting
Phase 2 -> option amm battletesting

Phase 1 is imminent. Phase 2 is yet to be sent to auditors, which may take some time depending on how available they are.

Always happy to talk more!

Here is our physically settled option instrument:


Wow had no idea it was this far along. I hope this gets more traction.

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Great work! Would be great to have it integrated with yearn.


Options are a massive market and it can definitely scale the fee revenue.

Yes it,s a huge market would great to have it on Yearn.Finance the more money enter the platform with different investment options the better for Yearn.Finance

This sounds like a bit of a legal grey area imo. Wasn’t the bitmex guy just charged with selling unregistered derivatives?

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whats wrong with hegic? seems like they are off to a good start earning fees

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It is probably for the best to keep an arm’s length approach to options. Use HEGIC instead of bringing it in-house and with it the legal liabilities. Some do not want this because they do not trust the dev behind HEGIC and would prefer to exert more control over the product.

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Unfortunately I think the risk outweighs the benefits here but really, that is up to the devs in question

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